Our Conference / Summit Video Production ensures you get the best content and quality possible, meeting your desire specifications and requirements. Our team is committed to excellence and extend beyond the quality of our work, capturing the most memorable moments of gathered experts and leadership across the country. We have executed projects for both the private sector and the public sector (government).

FDX Spring Global Summit

Financial Data Exchange in the heart of Washington, D.C., from March 12-15, 2024, for the highly anticipated FDX Spring Global Summit 2024: Are You Ready for Open Banking?  

Coverage of all conference sessions, workshops were filmed in 4K and photographed, using our Canon Cinema Line Cameras.  We had a multiple camera setup, optimum quality audio recording and Fresnels for Stage Lighting, establishing the right atmosphere for the stage. 

Additional Conference Video Services:

  • Location Event Filming, event programming coverage. 
  • Live-Stream Broadcast and Recording. Delivery to devices connected to the internet for live streaming anywhere in the world.
  • Video Raw Footage, we can deliver footage to you for easy access for your team to edit. 
  • Live Video Projection on big projection screens. 

American Women for International (AWIU) Understanding COIR Symposium

American Women for International Understanding (AWIU) hosted its Seventh Annual Career Opportunities in International Relations (COIR) Symposium. The symposium was held at the International Student House in Washington, D.C.

"Women Leading: Building Bridges of Peace, Equity, and Security" were topic of presentations, panels and discussion groups.

The day-long event featured speakers, panels, break-out discussions, and opportunities to network with prominent women diplomats, career State Department and international organization experts, and representatives of non-profits dedicated to urgent global issues such as women’s rights, education, income generation, the environment, and law.


Conference was filmed in 4K and photographed, using our Canon Cinema Line Cameras and Canon R5 following a required shot list of all sessions and portraits of diplomats and organization leaders.